Prestigious hotel in central London utilise SIP interfaces
Energy savings alongside enhanced guest experience

Controlling and integrating an air conditioning system

A prestigious hotel group recently under took a refurbishment of their premier hotel in Central London. As part of the refurbishment programme System Five Controls, a building management system(BMS) provider and controls specialist, were contracted to undertake the installation of a BMS system into the hotel.

The hotel wanted to be able to control the air conditioning throughout the hotel through the onsite BMS system. They also wanted to be able to control the air conditioning systems according to room occupancy, which required the hotel’s booking system to be connected to the BMS system. The overall goal of the project was to drive energy savings through intelligent control of the system.

Matching temperature with occupancy to drive savings

System Five Controls installed a Trend BMS system into the hotel, which then needed to interface with the Daikin VRV air conditioning and the Fidelio room booking system. Synapsys Solutions were able to ensure that these interface requirements were possible. The newly developed BACnet to Trend SIP was installed to interface the Daikin VRV system to the Trend BMS, whilst the SIP Fidelio interface connected the BMS to the hotels’ booking system.

Synapsys experience and knowledge

Synapsys Solutions’ experienced engineers commissioned multiple Trend XNC interfaces, which were programmed to enable the booking status in the Fidelio system to control the air conditioning in each room. This ensures that the required temperature is set in each of the rooms by the time that guests enter, but that rooms are not heated or cooled unnecessarily when unoccupied.

Maximising energy efficiency whilst guaranteeing comfort

The complete solution allowed the hotel to make significant savings on air conditioning without any impact on guest experience and comfort. Further adjustments to the system can be made through the BMS to maximise energy savings where possible.

Synapsys Solutions interfaces are simple to install, which allowed System Five Controls Ltd to keep engineering costs to a minimum. Using Synapsys engineers to commission the interfaces ensured that the complex project was completed on time.

Using our newly developed BACnet to Trend SIP and multiple Trend XNC devices System Five Controls, supported by our engineers installed the ideal solution for the hotel. The hotel is now making significant savings on air conditioning costs without impacting on guests experience and comfort.
Matt Gardner
Business Development Manager, Synapsys Solutions
Energy savings
through intelligent control of the hotel’s booking and BMS systems.