SIP Interface solution for luxury private accommodation
Seamless comfort control

Contemporary living with optimum comfort

Located in a private gated close in Central London this luxury refurbished house offers highly sophisticated and stylish contemporary living.

To achieve optimum and responsive comfort levels within the home, the property uses a Crestron home automation system, Mitsubishi air conditioning, and a Trend building management system (BMS). The challenge was for all of these systems to be able to relay information to each other, allowing the user to make temperature changes from the Crestron system.

Sophisticated interface solutions

Synapsys Solutions provided two interface solutions, one for the Crestron home automation system, and one for the Mitsubishi AG150 controller. This meant that both systems could then communicate with the Trend BMS.

Synapsys’ Crestron solution interfaces the visual and multimedia system touch panels to the Trend BMS via the processor unit, exposing the home automation system to the Trend IQ3 network over the building’s IP network.

Efficient integration made simple

Synapsys’ Mitsubishi solution interfaced the Mitsubishi AG150 controller to the Trend IQ3 network, exposing the values derived from indoor and outdoor units via the Mitsubishi M-Net protocol to the Trend BMS over the building’s IP network.

The values from the air conditioning system are then collected by the AG150 controller and retained in the IQ3XNC allowing access by the BMS and Crestron system.

Seamless communications

Synapsys Solutions worked with AirTech Controls to engineer the interface solutions during the critical commissioning phase of the project, and prior to the witness testing. All of the interfacing was completed seamlessly with all systems communicating to each other perfectly. The uncomplicated engineering kept costs to a minimum, and ensured that commissioning was successfully completed within the allocated project time.

With all three systems now able to communicate with each other, the end user can now easily control and maintain their HVAC settings through the Crestron system.

Our IQ3/XNC interface solutions are part of our extensive interface product range. These are particularly useful for air conditioning interfaces where the ability to provide additional control of units is required.
Ryan Needham
Sales Manager, Synapsys Solutions
Energy savings
through intelligent control of the hotel’s booking and BMS systems.