Leeds Metropolitan University uses SIPe energy monitoring
Understanding & controling energy consumption

Accessing metering to understand energy consumption

Leeds Metropolitan University has an extensive building management system (BMS) together with numerous sub meter networks across the estate. As with many universities, accessing this metering in order to understand energy consumption is crucial to developing effective control strategies that can be tested and implemented to maximise potential savings.

BMS interfacing for energy monitoring and targeting

Synapsys Solutions’ SIPe IF interface logger was connected to the network of ModBus sub meters for the University’s server room. The registers available from the meters can easily be interfaced to the onsite Trend BMS, whilst the live energy data can be accessed directly from the internal database of the SIP without the need to login to the BMS front end.

This allows the Estates and IT team to closely monitor the energy consumption of the plant within the server room to identify any trends in consumption and any exceptions to usual usage which can then be quickly identified and investigated.

Looking forward to a site wide energy monitoring system

The installation allows the teams at Leeds Metropolitan University to fully evaluate the SIPe energy monitoring system for future development of an Estate wide energy monitoring system that integrates with their BMS.

Future requirements will include energy dashboards displayed at key locations or through the site-wide information screen network. SIPe has the flexibility and functionality to meet these needs going forward and Synapsys Solutions and the team at Leeds Metropolitan University will work closely together to further develop the product to meet their future needs.


Our range of Trend and BACnet interfaces include the same energy monitoring and targeting functionality as our SIPe M-Log. Energy data points from ModBus or M-Bus meters can be displayed as graphs and included in the aM&T system, whilst any additional registers from the meters can be interfaced to your Trend or BACnet BMS. SIPe IF Loggers can also be networked with other SIPe products.
Matt Gardner
Business Development Management, Synapsys Solutions
Easy interface to the BMS
for live energy data and close monitoring of the plant.