Adobe Flash discontinued

In response to this we have created the SIP Legacy Tool

Flash discontinued
As you are probably aware, from Jan 2021 web browsers are preventing flash player from running. In response to this we have created the SIP Legacy Tool which has been developed to allow continued access to SIP BACnet Trend, SIP MBUS BACnet, SIP MBus Trend, SIP ModBus BACnet, SIP Weather Trend products and is free to download from our SIP Integrator website.

What this means to you

The browser security measure which is stopping Flash from operating, implemented by Windows/Microsoft, will NOT affect the current operation of our existing SIP/…/… products.

However, web browsers that disable/prevent flash player will prevent access to the configuration pages, i.e. pages used to manage the meter networks, BMS networks, profile/reporting details, and defining device configurations etc. Without the use of the SIP Legacy tool, any changes to these configuration (flash) pages will require a browser that has NOT/will never have internet access so it won’t be automatically updated, or an engineering day to try to update the configuration via the internal files/database.

All SIPe Dashboards are HTML and will not be affected.

The SIP/MODM (pre html pages), can be updated to include HTML if the hardware was shipped after Feb 2011. Contact for confirmation.
Please contact your account manager or email for support of other SIP/…/…
Additional Information

Our SIP+, SIP2 and SIPslice products are not affected by Flash being unavailable and you can continue to access them as normal.

If you have any questions please contact us either by email or by telephone on 01444 246 128.