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SIPslice IP Converters from Synapsys

Posted on: June 18th, 2023 by Tom No Comments

Our SIPslice IP Converter has been developed to provide a simple and efficient way of converting ModBus, M-Bus or pulse/digital input values to ModBus or M-Bus TCP/IP.

SIPslice IP Converters are ideal for:

* Multiple networks throughout a building NOT terminating at a single location
* Converts M-Bus and ModBus to IP for direct connection to BMS Server
* No need for additional M-Bus Level Convertor
* Power over Ethernet option
* Can also be used with SIP+ if BMS Integration or Data Export is required

Simple to commission via the built in web pages where users configure the communication parameters to convert the bus communications to the TCP/IP network.

When configured the SIPslice IP converter allows information from a network of ModBus or M-Bus Serial slave addresses to be transferred to ModBus or M-Bus TCP/IP Master(s). The digital/pulse acquisition input will also appear as a unique address on the fieldbus TCP/IP network.