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LiGO Smart Lighting Solutions now with DALI-2 compatibility

Posted on: June 21st, 2022 by Tom No Comments
DALI-2 is the latest standard of DALI and we are pleased to announce that our LiGO Smart Lighting solutions are now available with DALI-2 compatibility.

LiGO Smart Lighting technology has always been ahead of the curve offering our customers a range of flexible features, class leading benefits and energy saving potential. Our LiGO multiprotocol hardware solutions make integration to BMS simple and also enable the lighting system to be commissioned, adjusted and optimised without the need to access the BMS itself. Now with the advent of DALI-2 it has enabled us to open up more of our technology’s potential, including:
Energy monitoring functionality

Values for Apparent power/energy and Active power/energy are available for the first time from within the lighting driver*. This in turn enables us to pass this data through our LiGO hardware enabling lighting energy to be easily and more accurately monitored than ever before, through Energy / Building monitoring platforms such as our own iNSIGHT Energy & Building Information Service (EBIS).


LiGO has always been exceptionally flexible, working with Blue-chip manufacturers on incorporating a range of input devices, such as sensors, scene plates, and DALI accessories. DALI and DALI-2 enabled devices are available from many manufacturers, with devices ranging from commercial to high end architectural wall plates, giving you the freedom of choice for the DALI devices you use on your lighting projects.

We know quality and reliability are very important so Synapsys have partnered with Lunatone and as the UK distributor we can offer a huge range of reliable DALI and DALI-2 devices for use on DALI lighting networks.

Additional functionality

LiGO has always been feature rich and full of functionality brought from our long history in commercial building controls. Many ideas and features already available with LiGO are now available as part of the DALI-2 standard.
DALI-2 makes choosing the range of devices you use on your DALI lighting networks simpler and with our LiGO hardware installed you can maximise the functionality, energy savings and improve the building’s environment for its occupants and users

You can learn more about our LiGO Smart Lighting solutions here alternatively, contact your local sales manager or call us on 01444 246 128 to arrange an overview of the LiGO solution and its capabilities.

Synapsys welcomes a new Sales team member

Posted on: June 15th, 2022 by Tom No Comments

Synapsys Solutions are excited to announce that Colin Thornback has joined our Southern sales team.

Colin’s experience in software sales and IOT technologies will be a great asset to our team going forward as our business continues to grow and evolve.

Colin will be taking over the management of some of our Southern accounts and will be in contact with his new customers over the coming weeks.