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Help your customers get energy smart with iNSIGHT EBIS

Posted on: May 19th, 2022 by Tom No Comments
iNSIGHT Energy Building Information Service (EBIS), our solution for building performance monitoring, just got a lot smarter. With the rising cost of energy and the need to drive lower energy usage within buildings there’s no better time to check out how iNSIGHT EBIS can help your customers reach their energy saving targets.

Our iNSIGHT software makes it simple to create, view, monitor and report on a building’s or estate’s performance. We recently updated the user experience and we are pleased to be launching the following new features:
Enhanced Profiling

This new feature enables profile lines to be added to charts. Users can then see the energy profile which illustrates a building’s operational pattern on charts. This enables users to highlight issues and patterns in energy usage.

Pie and Bar Chart Options

Enhanced options for Pie and Bar charts including switching between value and %, hover over to see value, show bar charts in value order with points being real or virtual, ability to have stacked bar charts. These new options provide users with greater flexibility in how they view, analyse and identify where and when savings can be made.

Bar Chart Comparisons

Using the new stacked bar chart functionality, comparisons between data sets is made simpler and anomalies and issues quicker to identify. This new feature enables users to view the different systems’ energy usage stacked together in a bar and compared against a different floor, area or building.

Customisable Bulk Data Download

The system now enables customisable reports of the bulk data to be downloaded. It will enable users to select the points they want over the timescale they choose. This provides users with a file which contains all the data from the selection they made. This data can be used for further analysis.
iNSIGHT EBIS has a host of features and simple to use tools to make identifying where energy savings and performance improvements can be made, so isn’t it about time you offered your customers the chance to get energy smart?

You can learn more about iNSIGHT EBIS here, alternatively contact your local sales manager or call us on 01444 246 128 to arrange a demonstration.