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Posted on: June 25th, 2021 by Tom No Comments

In response to a number of enquiries we have had regarding TREND EMIC’s no longer being accessible due to Flash going end of life, we are pleased to be able to provide customers with a simple and efficient solution.

If you re not already aware the issue with TREND EMIC’s is that web browsers now disable/prevent flash player from accessing the configuration pages of EMIC ModBus and EMIC M-Bus products and unfortunately as these are TREND products we cannot support them, however…

Good news, we have the following tools and can provide a selection of hardware options to enable you to keep your customers sites running in peak condition.

The solution

  1. Use our SIP tool to create a back up of the EMIC device
  2. This back up can then be converted to either a SIP2 or SIP+ EMT/EMT-IF compatible file using our SIPeasy tool
  3. Upload your new file into an appropriate SIP2 or SIP+ device and your application should continue to operate as it did and you can access the configuration pages of the SIP device to make changes as and when required.

All of our tools are free to download and If you are wanting to replace a number of EMIC’s with SIP devices please speak with your Account Manager to discuss if you qualify for volume pricing.