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SIP App tool update

Posted on: April 6th, 2021 by Tom No Comments

As you are probably aware, from Jan 2021 web browsers have been preventing flash player from running. In response to this we have created the SIP Panasonic App and SIP Fidelio Apps, and updated the SIP App, which we launched back in January.

The apps enable access to the devices so you can continue to configure, make changes and extend the life of the hardware on site.

  • The SIP Panasonic App has been developed to allow access to the SIP Panasonic range of products.
  • The SIP Fidelio App has been developed to allow access to the SIP Fidelio range of products
  • The SIP App has been updated to allow continued access to SIP BACnet Trend, SIP MBUS BACnet, SIP MBus Trend, SIP ModBus BACnet, SIP ModBus Trend, SIP Weather Trend products.

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Additional Information

Our SIP+, SIP2 and SIPslice products are not affected by Flash being unavailable and you can continue to access them as normal

If you have any questions please contact us either by email or by telephone on 01444 246 128.