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Are you getting the real picture from your building data?

Posted on: May 6th, 2020 by Tom No Comments

Search in any internet browser for data collection or energy monitoring platforms and you will be presented with a number of solutions claiming they provide you with the data from your building, help you save energy, along with a host of features and functions.

But scratch a little deeper into some of these solutions and they are not always what they seem. We are hearing more and more frequently that unfortunately end users are being left frustrated by systems and solutions which are not performing as promised, are complicated to use and with a number of features they are paying for that they have never even looked at.

SIPinsight EBIS from Synapsys is different, we know building data – it’s what we specialise in. With that in mind we designed the SIPinsight Energy and Building Information Solution, it is easy to use and with our experience and expertise it provides end users with the data they need to make real changes to their buildings performance.

Get the real picture today with SIPinsight EBIS