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Do you really want your energy data stuck in a BMS system?

Posted on: April 29th, 2020 by Tom No Comments

A number of BMS providers will tell you the answer to this is yes, and in a number of ways they are correct. Everything is integrated; you can view the data through their system, probably purchase additional bolt-on from the supplier to be able to do other applications such as analytics for example.

However what they are probably not telling you is that the data collected by the BMS is very difficult to get out. Dig deeper and when you start to use your energy data for other purposes, for instance analytics or billing, a number of issues arise. The data is stuck within that BMS system, leaving you with a limited choice of providers for these applications, usually the BMS provider itself. Data from meters in the BMS is a great idea, however can you really run a billing application from that data, and can you ensure it has not been manipulated within the BMS?

The most logical solution is to ensure your data is collected by a product which allows data to be both sent to the BMS of your choice but also allow the data to be accessed by you or by third party systems. This provides flexibility and also enables systems to be changed as and when required, not tying the end user or building to one system provider.

Our range of SIP+ and SIP2 hardware solutions collect and disseminate data which gives you ultimate flexibility. When collecting data via our products you choose which systems receive the data, you can choose who receives it directly, you can change your mind, and after all it’s your data – why should it be locked in the BMS.

Contact us today to see how we can set your building data free.

Are you getting the data, reliability and support from your chosen energy monitoring system or provider?

Posted on: April 23rd, 2020 by Tom No Comments

We are hearing more and more frequently that unfortunately this is not the case and end users are being left frustrated by systems and solutions which are not performing as promised.

Synapsys has a long history of working with data from building systems, be that for integration purposes, control of systems, energy monitoring and Building Management Systems; in short we know building data.

Through our experience and expertise we have developed SIPinsight EBIS our own Energy and Building Information Solution. Designed to provide a simple to use, reliable platform it enables end users to access the data which can help them understand their building better and improve the buildings performance.

We know how complicated it can be getting the correct data, but also getting it reliably from a building, so right from start our team works closely with you and end users to find out what they actual want from the system. We ensure they know what’s possible from the building systems they currently have and what needs to be done to ensure they have access to the data required for the end result they want to see.

Each SIPinsight project will have its own dedicated account manager, our engineering team work closely with them and also you and the end user to ensure the correct data is captured by the system. The simple to use platform is then set up either by our team, you or by the end user themselves. Full training is available and our technical team are always there to answer any ongoing questions or queries.

Why not contact us today and see if SIPinsight EBIS is the solution you were promised!

Sub-Metering, and your building

Posted on: April 8th, 2020 by Tom No Comments

So, a business or organisation wants to become more energy efficient, how do you go about it?

The importance of evaluating energy use in a building actually led to the creation of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). First published by the BRE in 1990, it is now the world’s longest established method for assessing, rating, & certifying the sustainability of new buildings.

To understand your buildings energy usage, data is essential. You would expect most commercial buildings to have a BMS, old or new; but unfortunately quite often older buildings only have stand alone meters installed or a metering network that has not been interfaced to the BMS. These meters require manual meter reading, ie someone having to check each meter in turn and manually record these values. Both costly and time consuming.

Simply, by replacing these stand alone meters with protocol dependent meters for example, M-Bus / ModBus / BACnetIP / BACnet MSTP, and installing an appropriate data collector, such as our SIP2 or SIP+ hardware, the meter values can be accurately and reliably be exported to the energy monitoring and billing platform for analytical / billing purposes, eg SIPinsight EBIS and SIPinsight Billing and, if required exported to the BMS for display.

Installing additional sub-metering is also an excellent investment and can provide extra information used to analyse where energy is being used.

Both our SIP2 and SIP+ hardware products allowing multiple network connections and reporting to SIPinsight EBIS and SIPinsight Billing or suitable third party monitoring software, the BMS can be left to controlling the the building environment.

You can then with or without our help monitor and target where energy is being wasted.