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Enhanced Trend IQ Vision compatibility with SIP and SIP+ devices

Posted on: June 24th, 2019 by Tom No Comments

Synapsys’ latest software release for the SIP and SIP+ product lines enhance the capabilities of both hardware platforms and ensure that they are fully compatible with Trend IQ Vision.

The new vIQ software release enables the SIP and SIP+ hardware platforms to integrate seamlessly with the Trend BMS Network and operate with Trends latest supervisor software, IQ Vision (& legacy Trend 963 and SET (read only)). Each third party device, interfaced via SIP and SIP+, using Synapsys vIQ; present OSs as if they were a Trend controller and each value transferred as a standard Trend module – sensor, knob, switch and digital input. This vIQ firmware has been enhanced to include a full complement of functionality for Trend IQ Vision including Niagara Platform/Station Operating System with Trend Alarm and Histories (Trend Plot files) compatibility.

Sean Samuels, Product Support Group Manager for Synapsys Solutions, explained: “This latest vIQ firmware release enhances our existing Trend BMS interfaces, making them truly compatible with Trend IQ Vision, with all current Trend 963 functionality including Trend IQ Vision Alarms & Histories. The updated software provides our customers with the confidence that no matter what Trend system is on site our products will work seamlessly”.

The latest firmware updated can be downloaded from our SIP Integrator support website.