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Simple Data Acquisition leads to Smart Savings

Posted on: August 22nd, 2018 by Tom No Comments

As we discussed in our previous blog, we strongly believe that data acquisition is key to achieving Smart Buildings and ultimately Smart savings.

But why is data acquisition so beneficial? To operate a commercial building efficiently and in order to achieve energy efficiency on a large scale, building owners and managers need to not only acquire data but also process and interpret it to facilitate change.

The fast and continued rise in sophisticated buildings is providing us with more and more data and it is critical we make practical use of this data. This is where we need to think and act smart. To achieve a real benefit over the long term, the data that is sitting unattended in your building (known as Big Data) – needs to be converted into Smart Data which has a clear focus and can identify peaks and troughs in energy usage. It is via analysis and interpretation of this data that you are able to address business challenges and reduce energy consumption.

But popular belief would suggest that the process of data acquisition is highly complicated. This can be discouraging for some building owners and managers who may think twice before opting to go down that route to make crucial energy savings…

Others may also be reading this and think that by simply having a Building Management System (BMS) in place that is enough to manage efficiency in a commercial building. A BMS is excellent at generating data but it can be difficult to acquire the data as many existing solutions on the market are less than robust in terms of acquiring data at regular intervals.

But let’s set the record straight – data acquisition doesn’t need to be complex – we are a strong advocate for simplification when it comes to building control and this means simplifying the process of data acquisition while retaining all of its many benefits….

This is why simplicity lies at the heart of the SIP+ platform as it is one single device which has endless capabilities to transform an everyday building into a Smart one. What’s more, it can unlock a whole world of potential and ultimately large savings…

But how do we achieve this? The platform simplifies communication between a wide variety of plant and systems in a building and offers unprecedented access to data within your building but in comparison to some other products on the market – it makes it so much easier and quicker to acquire….

One of the many opportunities it offers is the ability to add functionality one slice at a time. SIP+ Data is a good example because it utilises the SIP+ platform to gather high volumes of real-time data from around your building or estate from gas, electricity, temperature, biomass, humidity, power usage meters etc. But what sets it apart in comparison to other products on the market? Simply put – the volume of data it can handle, speed of operation and the variety of information feeds it can process.

Building data can be captured every five minutes with simple and fast reports generated on the performance of the BMS network. But the real beauty of it is that you can take it a step further as the building data can subsequently be used by a data analytics provider who will provide detailed analysis about your building to pinpoint patterns and trends in energy usage through intelligent reporting and analysis.

Having access to so much information also enables building owners and managers to determine anomalies such as equipment failures or significant energy wastage issues. This allows them to manage their site to a greater degree to implement improvements following access to meaningful analysis.

Subsequently, by acquiring this data and making it Smart, this can unlock potential Smart savings and a reduction in energy consumption – which is surely the end goal.

Perhaps it’s time you found out more about how simple data acquisition can greatly improve building performance for you? Find out more with our free CPD-Accredited guide to the role of Data Acquisition or e-mail us to discuss your requirements.

Transform your building with simple Data Acquisition

Posted on: August 14th, 2018 by Tom No Comments

Where commercial buildings are concerned we are all guilty of thinking that they are very complex to run but if you’ve read our previous blogs you will know that this doesn’t need to be the case. In fact, we believe that there is a case for simplification when it comes to building optimisation and indeed data acquisition…

Tackling the lifetime energy costs of today’s commercial buildings is a must for any savvy building owner or manager in order to meet the requirements of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) and contribute towards the Europe 2020 plan.

However, with so much new technology on the market, there is a risk that building owners and managers are becoming confused and ultimately, missing out on crucial energy and cost savings. So how we can make this easier and a less daunting process? By simplifying building controls, it allows the task of managing today’s commercial buildings to become easier in order to extract a building’s full potential…

But how do we achieve this? It stems from acting and thinking Smart. Collecting building data is vital, but as technology continues to evolve, the amount of data which we all generate on a daily basis will also increase, so we will have access to vast amounts of information.

However, once we have this data we must be proactive and make practical use of it – and this is where data acquisition is so important. Data acquisition is often thought to be a complicated process which can be off-putting for some building owners and managers so instead of taking control of energy efficiency, they may opt to leave useful building data sitting unattended…

Yes, it’s true that data acquisition can be a complex process, but it doesn’t need to be. It can actually be quick, simple and yield significant benefits when it comes to improving building performance…

In keeping with the simplistic theme, SIP+ Data was developed to ensure acquiring data is not only simple, but fast and effective, utilising the innovative and flexible SIP+ platform which can take your everyday building to the next level by transforming it into a Smart building. This is achieved by simplifying communication between a wide variety of plant and systems in your building and as a result, providing access and integration for a range of useful applications such as data acquisition, data analytics and so forth…

Data acquisition is key to optimising building performance by targeting key points from a mass of Big Data and converting it into Smart Data which may sound familiar if you’ve read some of our previous blogs.

Through interpretation and meaningful analysis, patterns, trends and anomalies in energy consumption can be identified. As a result, building owners and managers can put Smart Data to practical use by implementing strategies to make improvements. It is real change which can ultimately deliver Smart savings and ensure your building is operating at optimum energy efficiency.

Perhaps it’s time you found out how simple data acquisition can transform your building? e-mail us to discuss your requirements.