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Update to our SIP slice ordering codes

Posted on: July 10th, 2018 by Tom No Comments

Following feedback from a number of our customers we are changing the product ordering codes for our SIP slice products.

The change in product codes means that you will no longer have to order the separate connection packs making it easier for you to select the correct SIP slice for your application and the connectors now come free of charge.

You can download the updated product code sheet for our SIP slice products here.

If you would like to know more about this, or have any questions please contact us by email or call us on 01444 246 128.

One device…a world of potential

Posted on: July 4th, 2018 by Tom No Comments

As we discussed in our previous blog, we strongly believe there is a need for simplification of building controls in order to effectively tackle energy efficiency. Technology is continuing to evolve at lightning speed which is providing an impressive array of building controls on the market, however, most are highly complex which is leaving building owners and managers in something of a predicament of how to best move forward and address building optimisation.

As a result, we have introduced an innovative concept of one simple device which can deliver a world of potential. What’s more, it is unique as it enables any building to become Smart which is a must in today’s climate…

As part of the increased focus on increasing energy efficiency, savvy building owners and managers are keen to identify solutions that not only optimise building performance but are also simple to use while being cost-efficient. The ultimate goal being to significantly reduce energy consumption while lowering overall costs…

Why make energy reduction a complicated task by using a range of complex technologies – when can you use one simple device?

It is certainly more efficient to go for a simplistic approach which not only makes business sense but yields real results. SIP+ is a unique solution which is able to achieve this by unlocking the energy saving potential of any building by accessing and integrating your building’s data. As a result, it is responsible for turning an ordinary everyday building into a Smart building.

How does it achieve this? Flexibility lies at the heart of SIP+ as it supports up to 16 SIP Slice devices – depending on the variants used. Each SIP+ can greatly assist with increasing energy efficiency in different forms; such as energy management services, analytics, tenant billing and Internet of Things (IoT) amongst others.

With access to multiple applications, SIP+ provides full visibility in accessing the data within your building plant and systems to help achieve significant energy savings. For example, viewing an energy dashboard, transferring data to an analytics provider or connecting numerous field drivers, enabling building owners and managers to be better informed about their energy consumption in a building, in order to take the necessary steps to make improvements.

Data acquisition is a good example which highlights what can be achieved, by simply adding a data acquisition variant SIP+ device to a BMS network, providing the catalyst to convert Big Data into Smart Data. If you have read our previous blog discussing the merits of Big Data and Smart Data, you will be aware that by harnessing Smart Data through ongoing analysis and interpretation, building data becomes actionable. As a result, you can pinpoint peaks and troughs in energy consumption and ensure decisions are taken to reduce energy usage in a building and lower costs over the long term.

The pure simplicity of SIP+ in comparison to some other products on the market is key, it is an easy to use out of the box solution. This in turn saves precious time which makes it cost-effective to use.

There are endless opportunities to improve efficiency and performance in your building which could result in substantial savings. This is why it’s critical to have a solution which can integrate with a variety of applications to unlock energy savings and reduce costs.

Perhaps it’s time you sought the simplistic and flexible approach to tackling energy savings in your building. Find out more about SIP+ or e-mail us to discuss your requirements.