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Let’s make building control simple…

Posted on: June 27th, 2018 by Tom No Comments

The issue of building control continues to gain media headlines as a means of reducing energy efficiency – but with so much new technology on the market are we in danger of confusing building owners and managers and missing out on vital savings. We believe that there is a case for simplification otherwise we run the risk of blinding the market with over complicated technology.

So what are the benefits of a simplistic approach and how can you yield real results by unlocking a whole world of potential?

With the spotlight firmly on reducing energy, building owners and managers may be feeling the pressure to ensure their building is operating at peak efficiency. There is an increasing focus on lowering energy consumption in commercial buildings in line with the Europe 2020 plan which requires member states to increase energy efficiency by 20% and lower their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by a fifth.

Everyone is looking for fast and effective solutions in this dynamic and innovative world that we live in and more and more demands are being placed on each and every one of us.

The market has been quick to respond with manufacturers offering a vast range of building controls to help target this issue and help the environment. However, due to the rapid and continuous rise in technology, the market is now becoming over-saturated with complicated technology which is leaving building owners and managers unsure of where to begin to tackle energy usage. This can result in a headache with a minefield of security issues and sometimes appear easier to simply ignore the original issue and consequently miss out on unlocking potential savings…

It has been well-documented that building controls are integral to increasing energy efficiency in a building. However, many building controls are highly complex, and we believe there is a case for simplification in a growing market.

By simplifying building controls, this allows the task for building owners to become less daunting and much more manageable…and that’s where SIP+ fits in…

On the outside, SIP+ appears to be just one simple device…but if you look deeper you will find that it allows you to unlock a world of potential by turning an everyday building into a Smart building.

The real beauty is the pure simplicity of the platform, as SIP+ supports up to 16 SIPslice devices through which you can easily connect and integrate devices for the purpose of applications such as data acquisition, tenant billing, analytics and so on…This is critical when it comes to optimising building performance and reducing energy – the ultimate goal for any savvy building owner and manager…

Perhaps it’s time you made your life easier by taking the simplistic approach to achieving greater energy savings in your building? Find out more about SIP+ or e-mail us to discuss your requirements.

SIP Serial Slice Press Release

Posted on: June 5th, 2018 by Tom No Comments

Synapsys Solutions’ new SIP Serial Slice is the cost-effective solution for multiple Modbus network applications, extending the number of RS485 and RS232 ports available to the SIP+ platform.

Designed for receiving and transmitting data via the Modbus protocol, SIP Serial Slice works seamlessly with the SIP+ platform and via the RS485 port permits connection to a network of up to 32 devices.

The SIP+ platform has been developed to unlock potential and lies at the heart of your building, accessing and integrating your building’s data to enable building optimisation, energy reduction and connection to the Internet of Things (IOT). It supports up to 16 SIP Slice devices, depending on slice variants used, such as SIP Serial Slice which further extends the number of RS485 and RS232 ports available to the SIP+ platform for use with multiple Modbus network applications.

SIP Serial Slice has a small footprint and thanks to an innovative DIN rail mounting system, is simple to use and install.

Andy Thorn, Product Sales Director for Synapsys Solutions said: “The SIP+ multi-protocol platform has the ability to turn ordinary buildings into Smart buildings and opens up a world of energy saving potential. The addition of the SIP Serial Slice further enhances the operability of the SIP+ platform by providing seamless integration of multiple Modbus network applications or additional devices which communicate on RS485 and RS232.”

SIP Serial Slice, like all of the product range, is backed up by Synapsys Solutions’ technical support team.