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Synapsys panel shop has been working hard

Posted on: July 12th, 2016 by Tom No Comments

The past month has been very busy in our panel shop with a number of orders coming in for our products which also include the need for panels to be put together and shipped to sites. One of the orders was for eight panels for one of our customers, which are to be used on a project at Cardiff University.

All Synapsys panels are designed and made by our experienced panel builders in our own panel shop, enabling us to ensure the quality of the enclosures we supply to our customers.

Synapsys have a number of standard panels available to suit various installations and we can also provide panels tailored to specific requirements, for more information please visit our enclosures webpage or give us a call.

SIPd for energy savings and optimisation

Posted on: July 7th, 2016 by Tom No Comments

Synapsys have been working with Tempus Energy on an innovative energy project for Hertz car rental. Data from the building management system (BMS) at a Hertz office is being collected and transferred via Synapsys’s SIPd product to Tempus.

This BMS data is then used to ascertain where and when energy savings can be made. Tempus can then make recommendations to Hertz on how to run their building systems more efficiently, and optimise building operation based on energy market signals.

Learn more about our SIPd product here and also look out for or forth coming case study on the project with Tempus Energy and Hertz.

Caice chooses Trend OEM controls

Posted on: July 4th, 2016 by Tom No Comments

Synapsys are pleased to announce Caice as the latest manufacturer to become one of our Trend OEM partners fitting Trend controls to their products. Caice’s diverse offering covers air movement products through to sustainable solar shading and acoustic consultancy.

Synapsys have worked closely with Caice over the last few months to ensure that the Trend IQeco controls they are fitting to their products not only enhance the connectivity, but also the efficiency of the products they supply to their customers.

For more information about our OEM controls please visit our dedicated OEM controls page