How valuable is all that data from a BMS?

In this months MBS magazine we explain how using data from a BMS can quickly identify strategies for improving energy efficiency

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In the latest issue of MBS magazine Our own Technical Director Andy Devine explains the capabilities of how using data from a building-management system can quickly identify strategies for improving energy efficiency of building-services systems.

It is widely known that a large number of commercial buildings are failing to perform as intended. Not only that, but energy costs are on the increase, so, as a result, organisations are keen to find sustainable solutions which save energy and reduce the lifetime costs of the building.

A building-management system (BMS) is commonly recognised as a crucial factor in the performance of a building — achieving this through its ability to control and monitor the plant and services in operation. Through this it provides us with a high volume of data, but what do we do with that data?

Read the full article here and for more information on the project we did with Village Hotels please view our case study.